Chestnut Mountain Feed Company was founded in 1991 in the little community of Stonewall, nestled alongside Chestnut Mountain in the heart of Virginia. The business started in the garage outside our home. Today we operate out of a modern, 20,000 sq. ft. fully stocked warehouse and showroom not far from our original location.

The only product that we sold when our company originated was Sexton Brothers Dog Food. We now carry a variety of pet foods for dogs and cats, treats, collars, health products, dog boxes and kennels. We sell large animal feeds as well.
No, this is NOT our first delivery truck. It would be nice to say that Chestnut Mountain Feed is an old family business, handed down to me by my father who inherited it from his father, But that's not my story. We are building our own traditions here at CMF. This 1936 Ford panel truck was totally rebuilt for pleasure and to promote our business.
Distributors of Sexton
and CMF Dog Food.
In addition to Sexton Brothers Dog Food, we stock such brand names as Sportsman's PrideHunter's SpecialBuddy Boy, as well as our own CMF brand; all of which are extremely popular among hunters, breeders or owners simply wanting the best for the pets they love! Each brand is also available to suit any nutritional need a dog may require. We have recently added holistic and grain free pet foods to our line of product. We also carry a full line of Blue Seal and Nutrena products as well.  We are now stocking Non-GMO feeds which include broiler, layer, starter, swine, goat and cattle.
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Actually, collecting older cars has been a long time hobby of a friend of mine. In an interesting way, his hobby is directly responsible for my starting this business. I traveled with him to Kentucky to look at a 1955 Ford Crown Victoria.
It turns out that the owner of the car was one of the owners of Sexton Brothers Dog Food. He gave me a sample of his product and after giving it a try Chestnut Mountain Feed Company was born.
We take great pride in supplying our customers with top quality products at great prices in a timely fashion. We feel that we have been blessed and appreciate all of the loyalty our customers have shown over the years. We look forward to serving you. Thank you for givijng us the opportunity to introduce Chestnut Mountain Feed Company to you.

Philip L. Nelson
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